The price shown under a Painting on the “FOR SALE“ Page


Includes the following :-

(1) The Original Work of Art

(2) The Frame shown in the image

(3) Packing, Limited Insurance (Full Insurance is extra)

(4) Delivery by Registered Mail to Residential Addresses

      in Ireland, E.U. Countries, North America (U.S.A., Canada)

      with a Tracking Barcode Number, where applicable.

     A Signature is required to confirm Delivery.


The Price will be adjusted as and when other arrangements are agreed, prior to Dispatch  e.g. appropriate reduction should the Frame not be required.


A Discount on the combined Total is available when two or more Paintings are purchased in the same Transaction.



It is possible to send Paintings to Countries, other than those listed above.

However, the specific conditions appertaining to a particular Country needs to be checked and agreed prior to acceptance and dispatch.




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